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Establishment of the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (FEACC)

Having analyzed the overall situation in the Country in a holistic manner, the Ethiopian Government finalized preparations to reform the social, economic, and political formation of the Country based on democratic principles. This holistic reform programme consisted of various components and programmes, one of which was the Civil Service Reform programme. That was how the on-going Civil Service Reform Programme, which, in turn, included the Ethics Sub-Programme as one of its major components, was launched at the national level.
For the Ethics sub-programme (which was mainly designed to tackle corruption and improve service delivery) to be launched, a multi-dimensional research on the level of corruption and degree of efficiency and effectiveness of the Ethiopian Civil Service System had to be conducted. For that reason, a task force drawn from stakeholders conducted a research, which brought the sufferings of the Ethiopian public to light.
It was after all these logically coherent preparations that the Ethiopian Government established the FEACC in 2001. Among the preparations made to establish the FEACC were the launching of training programmes and consultative workshops, drawing of international best practices and lessons, assessment of needs and problems, development of the Commission's organizational structure, and conducting of national anti-corruption survey. Representatives drawn from various stakeholders, including the media, civil society organizations, religious groups, professional associations, and federal and regional government departments were actively involved in the process.

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