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Designing the Next Strategic plan of the Commission is in Progress

The Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission has started to design the 10 year’s strategic plan that will be implemented beginning at 2013 E.C.

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27th Joint Forum of Anti-Corruption Commissions was carried out

27th the regular joint forum of federal and regional ethics and anti-corruption commission was undertaken at Oromia region, Jimma Town from 6-7 Feb, 2012 E.C.

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The 3rd National survey of Corruption is launched

The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (FEACC) has kicked out the 3rd national survey of corruption on January 24, 2012 E.C.

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Employees of Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission have colorfully celebrated the 16th international anti-corruption day by panel discussion and various events at the hall of its newly rented office on January 14, 2012 E.C. 

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Commission arrests individuals for allegedly accepting bribes 

Addis Ababa (FEACC) The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (FEACC) caught red-handed three individuals while receiving 15,000 Birr in bribes on November 21, 2011.

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