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The 3rd National survey of Corruption is launched

The Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission (FEACC) has kicked out the 3rd national survey of corruption on January 24, 2012 E.C.

The national survey is projected to identify the most vulnerable sectors of corruption. Adding on, Mr. Tesfaye Shamebo, director of Research and Reform Directorate of FEACC, the national study would further help to detect the performance outcome of corruption intervention made during anti-corruption struggle; and to identify new focus areas for further anti-corruption struggle. 

The target areas of the study will be Addis Abeba city, Diredawa town, and the 9 regional states; and the survey sample data will be collected from individuals, religious institutions, Medias, non-government organizations (NGO), experts and civic societies

The survey will be conducted by the Company, Frontier I with total survey cost of 6 million birr funded by UNDP, and the study is planned to be finalized before June 30, 2012 E.C. Furthermore, it is known that this 3rd national corruption survey is to be conducted after the 9th year since the 2nd national survey of 2003 E.C.


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