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27th Joint Forum of Anti-Corruption Commissions was carried out

27th the regular joint forum of federal and regional ethics and anti-corruption commission was undertaken at Oromia region, Jimma Town from 6-7 Feb, 2012 E.C.

At the opening of the forum, H.E. Mr. Teshome Girma, ethics and anti-corruption commission commissioner of Oromia region, while welcoming the participants, he said corruption imposes multi-effect on national peace, development and security; and as to indication of some studies, corruption currently has been observed while creating these challenges. 

Deputy Commissioner of Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission, H.E. Ato Wodo Atto, while opening the forum, he stressed that corruption is a challenge of our national development, democracy and economic growth. Above all, corruption is a crime leading to privation of peace, root of civil conflict; and it puts sense of nationality under strong doubt. H.E. Ato Wodo adds the inevitability of organized prevention of corruption to enhance national development, to minimize underdevelopment, and to multiply peace and democracy. 

At the 27th regular forum, the national report of performance in the half budget year of 2012 E.C. was presented for discussion. According to the report, though there have been encouraging performances, some challenges were also identified. In connection with theis, weaknesses were seen in plan preparation, poor access of community service, poor identification and implementation of the focus area; and weak documentation were identified as the challenges in the report.  

During the forum, the anti-corruption commissions of Oromia, SNNPR and Gambella regions have presented their work practices and trends. As to the practices of anti-corruption commission of SNNPR, it was indicated that there has been a study being undertaken on vehicle maintenance, rent house and on displaced individuals; and about more than 19 million birr was able to be saved from various losses. According to the Oromia’s, the region on its part has prepared drafts to improve two proclamations. 

On the basis of practices and reports presented, participants have raised various comments and objections. Accordingly, comments have issued on significant tasks undertaken in collaborations with medias,  on performance of publicly trustful activities, on applicability of research findings to solve community problem, on vacant structures of anti-corruption officers at various levels, on identification and provision of trainings on students’ behavior, on trends of confiscate assets after verification, on implementation of agreements made with collaborative bodies, on provision of training for bodies of justice, and on updating information were among observed weaknesses.

Finally, it was recommended that all anti-corruption institutions need to assess their respective challenges of the budget year; and they should take remedial actions on. Furthermore, it was known that the next 28th regular joint forum is planned to be hosted by Benishangul Gumuz region.


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