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Designing the Next Strategic plan of the Commission is in Progress

The Federal ethics and anti-corruption commission has started to design the 10 year’s strategic plan that will be implemented beginning at 2013 E.C.

At the meeting held on 26 Feb, 2012 E.C. that was intended to collect strategic input, Mr. Tesfaye Shamebo, Director for research and reform directorate and the chairperson of the strategic planning committee, has explained on the subject.

According to Tesfaye, since the strategic year for the current strategic plan is under completion, the new strategy is needed to be designed. He supplements that the strategic plan is being prepared by reviewing the previous 5 year’s strategic plan of the commission, through overviewing the national development plan of 10 years, by incorporating some findings of the research, and other related documents.

In line with this, during the meeting, it was specified that the new strategy has been intended to improve the vision, mission, values, focus areas and other associated issues; specially, the name and the logo of the commission will be tried to be improved in accordance with legally provided mandate of the commission.

Designing the strategic plan has been started since 18 Feb, 2012 E.C. holding a committee of 9 members participated from various department of the commission. Currently, the committee is developing questioners and other related data tools to collect the relevant information from diverse stakeholders. Finally, it was indicated that the strategic plan has been expected to be finalized within two month time. 


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