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Five corruptors get rigorous imprisonment, fine

Addis Ababa(FEACC) The 15th Criminal Bench of the Federal High Court on November 25, 2011 gave five individuals up to 4 years and five months of rigorous prison term and imposed fine on them for abuse of power and forgery.


According to the charge pressed against them by the Federal Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (FEACC), Tewodros Kejela, Ownership and Information Team Leader with the Akaki-Kaliti Sub-city, Taye Gebregiorgis, Land Development Team Leader with the Sub-city connived with Yeneneh Bizuneh, a surveyor to commit corruption offense.

The individuals illegally gave a land ownership map to Tsehay Bahita, who eventually sold the land to a certain organization at a cost of 1,750,000 Birr. The charge stated that that since the land was supposed to be a green area and to be intersected by a road the corruption offense caused the government to lose 8,315,350 Birr by giving compensation land for the organization that purchased it.

The charge stated that the corruptors also provided an illegal land ownership map to Sintayehu Eshete by adding 4,336 square meters of land on the legal 500 square meters of land the individual owns. Then Sintayehu sold the land at a cost of 1,400,000 Birr that caused the government to lose 4,862,598 Birr lease money it had to get from the land.

Accordingly, the Court sentenced Tewodros Kejela, Taye GebreGiorgis and Yeneneh Bizuneh to serve 3 years and 11 months of rigorous prison term and ordered each to pay 2,000 Birr fine. While Tsehay Bahita and Sintayehu Eshete each received 4 years and five months of rigorous imprisonment and 20,000 Birr in fine.

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