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Asset Disclosure and Registration Directorate

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Director: Girma Worku
Telephone: +251 011 553 6905
Fax: +251 011 515 1432



The Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia has joined the more than 150 countries introduced the law that provide for the disclosure and registration of assets as a major instrument to preventing corruption. The House of People’s Representatives in its 23rd regular session held on 17th of March 2010 has approved the Bill that provide for the Disclosure and Registration of Assets of government officials and employees. The approved bill requires any appointees, elected individuals and concerned government employees, as well as their close family members to have registered their assets. 

Accordingly, the Federal Ethics and Anti-corruption Commission /FEACC/ organized a directorate in charge of registration of assets and staffed with personnel required to start the task. The Asset Disclosure and Registration Directorate of FEACC has so far registered the assets of nearly 30,000 elected persons, political appointees and public servants. This believed to have a paramount importance in the prevention of corruption and impropriety and helps enhance transparency and accountability in the conduct of public affairs and good governance. It also helps put in place a transparent system that would help the conduct of public affairs and private interest go separate without intervening into one another’s territory so as to avoid possible conflict of interest;

The directorate is among others in charge of፡-

  • Registration of assets of political appointee, elected person or public servants
  • Being the custodian of documents of registration of assets
  • Issuing certificates of registration to the appointees, elected persons and public servants whose assets have been registered.
  • Undertaking a verification process on the information submitted by an appointee, an elected person or a public servant
  • Providing the public with general information regarding the registration of assets.

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