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Planning, Procurement and Finance


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Director: Mulat Shewatatek
Telephone: +251 011 552 7783
Fax: +251 011 553 6902
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



The Planning, Procurement, and Finance Directorate is in charge of planning, organizing, coordinating, and managing the Commission’s fiscal and financial activities. Planning recurrent activities, making projections for special projects, and monitoring and evaluation of various activities are the planning aspects of its duties. It further engages in procurement and property administration and financial management of the Commission.

It prepares fiscal and financial plans, develops projects and follows up their implementation, and prepares reports. It deals with procurement processes, including preparation of procurement plan, ensuring the availability of supplies and various materials and administering them effectively, and properly supporting the functions of the different directorates of the Commission. It also disburses funds and ensures proper maintenance of book of accounts, including its timely auditing.

Moreover, the Directorate develops medium-term strategic plan of the Commission, along with the proposed action plan, and ensures its approval by the Commissioners. It advises the Commissioners and directorates of the Commission on the fiscal and financial plans and projects, monitoring and evaluation of plans, implementation of projects, procurement and property administration, and financial management issues. It has 19 members of staff.

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