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Research and Change Management Directorate


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Director: Genzeb Semaw
Telephone: +251 011 552 5950
Fax: +251 011 553 6011


The Directorate is tasked with following up the implementation of the Commission’s activities and plans in accordance and conformity with the work directives and principles formulated following the conducting of the BPR recently. It is also duty-bound to make sure that the Commission’s activities are undertaken in line with the on-going national Civil Service Reform Programme. If it finds it necessary, it may propose corrective measures in the implementation of the Commission’s programmes and plans in accordance with the Civil Service Reform Programme and the BPR-borne new work directive. It may also design proposals for improving working procedures in the Commission’s directorates, services, and other divisions.  

The Directorate will centrally gather, store, analyze, and manage all the information on the Commission and its activities and disseminate same to the directorates and services of the Commission, with or without request, as the case may be. Additionally, it is duty-bound to table the information it gathered and analyzed for discussion among the members of the Commission’s management and the staff quarterly. Moreover, it 
is also responsible for designing proposals for improving working procedures of the commission. 
The Directorate is responsible for seeking out and looking for new working procedures and methods of work from within or outside the country and adopting them, if it finds them congruent with the newly introduced working procedures in the Commission. It will also oversee and follow up the implementation of new working procedures and the system of balanced score card. The Directorate is tasked with conducting baseline 
surveys and impact assessment projects to measure the level of satisfaction of all stakeholders in general and the public in particular with the Commission’s performance. The Directorate also manages the Commissioner’s and Deputy Commissioner’s Offices. The Information Technology Unit takes charge of equipping the Commission and its staffers with appropriate information technology. Currently, the department is under reengineering and is subject to structural change once the reengineering processes are finalized.

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